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My desire is to bring forth beauty ; like we behold in the radiance of the sun.  Its warmth unleashing the miracle of happiness and the joy that makes the winds smile; and bellows  the rush of freedom. It is through my art that people will see life’s  mystical  journey.

I approach my work with positivity and vitality, looking upon it as a completely satisfying experience - sensory and sensual. The smell of the paint, the sound of the brush or palette knife brings nostalgia and excitement; the feel of the elements coming together as the work unfolds falls nothing short of thrilling.

That the artist connects the Universe with People through a love/experience of the art work has always coincided with a belief in myself as an artist. I also think love is related to creativity, as it has always been an influence of my creative process. This process introduces an esthetic where the painted surface transcends visual expression to become imaginable expression.

We, as beholders, are ultimately faced with the art object. I find similar aesthetics with art as I do in the contemplation of nature, life and love. The character of the art object remains experiential, but the ideas and emotional quality it contains are imprinted on ones memory. Fore me, these ideas should translate the vitality and sensuousness that has first inspired the work.

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